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Copyright - The Sanitorium

Original weird fiction and dark fantasy
by Patrick Zac


If you wish to feature, narrate, or otherwise adapt a story written by me (Reddit users murder_1 and Patrick_Zac, Tumblr user @thesanitorium, Facebook user @PatrickZac), permission must be granted first. You may ask for permission by reaching me on any of the aforementioned platforms, or by using the form found here.

If I’ve sent you this link, you may consider it as a MASSIVE THANK YOU and a GREEN LIGHT to reproduce, as long as these conditions are met:

  • Each adaptation must be credited as “Written by Patrick Zac” with a live hyperlink to (there is no need to mention or reference Reddit, NoSleep, Thought Catalog, or any other platform my work has appeared on; Patrick Zac and are the only references that are necessary).
  • If you rearrange, transform, or add to the material, you must indicate that changes were made.
  • You must notify the author if you will make money by using the material. If you haven’t done this already, you may not proceed until you do.

Verbal or written communications from the author, and only the author, can override any of these conditions.

Any party that does not comply will be reported for a DMCA violation.

- Patrick Zac